Bitch I'm me, I don't care if we on the run. 


Where television is fantastic, and is way ahead of film, is it doesn’t feel the need to polarize women so much, I experienced it in playing Anne Boleyn as well. [x]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Cyndi Lauper

The Avengers: Age of Ultron cast at San Diego Comic Con 2014

O l i v e r  Q u e e n  o r  t h e  A r r ow"A man cannot live by two names. And what does that mean? In your case? I believe it means not having any choice."

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90’s Pokedex Commercial 

”[…] and Matilda found to her great surprise that life could be fun and she decided to have as much of it as possible. After all, she was a very smart kid.The happiest part of the story is that Matilda and Miss Honey each got what they’d always wanted. A loving family.

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my neck, my track



Oh for fucks sake, my desk is COVERED IN TEA ASKFKKFKFGN


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